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Signuum Network enables you to easily manage your offers, campaigns, affiliates and creatives also track and analyze all activities. Whether you are running your own offers or setting up your own affiliate network, Signuum Network offers you the complete solution!

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  • Unlimited tracking
  • Automatic integrations
  • Top tier performance
  • User friendly interface
  • Detailed reporting tools
  • AI optimized flows
  • Affiliate panel
  • Manager panel
  • Mobile friendly
  • API
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Real time tracking

Having the most up-to-date information available puts you in the better position to optimise your campaigns. Reacting to what happened yesterday means you’re not reacting to what’s happening now. With real-time tracking the signuum platform enables you to react quickly and take advantage of trends and patterns in your data allowing you to optimize your online activities in the most relevant and effective way possible.

Deep reporting

The heart of our platform is in its powerful reports engine. Fast, comprehensive and extremely detailed deep reporting with intuitive multiple views that increases productivity means you spend less time creating reports and more time analyzing them enabling you to identify and respond to your data faster and more accurately. Saving the reports that you run most often offers you one-click access to the most relevant informational breakdowns that you need to efficiently conduct your online business.

Admin / Account manager levels

Determine seniority, set up accounts for your managers, limit access.

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Mobile Tracking

With mobile usage in month-on-month growth and statistics showing it at anything from 30-45% of all online traffic, our platform enables you to track and analyse your mobile traffic effectively. Now you can optimise and target your mobile online activity more accurately and efficiently.

Fast Integrations

Integrate with any platform / affiliate network through API, S2S or pixel set ups.

Smart links / Flows

Create one tracking link to send to several offers. Use AI or % to determine distribution accordingly.





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