Signuum Network Performance Marketing Platform

The complete solution for tracking, managing, distributing and analysing your traffic and traffic sources. No hidden fees, no extra charges, no restrictions. Activate your Affiliate Program today, with one simple click!

Designed for simplicity.
Built for maximum performance.

Signuum Network is the ultimate tracking software powerhouse for online marketeers, whether a veteran or a newbie.

With deep reporting tools, Pixel/Postback and API integrations options, distribution flows and unlimited events it enables the most experienced affiliates to optimize campaigns to the fullest and drive unlimited traffic through their funnels. At the same time its user-friendly set up allows newcomers in the world of Affiliate Marketing to set up their own network in a matter of minutes.

Signuum Network is uncomplicated, straight forward and comes without limitations!

SaaS Solution

You will get your own application set up and ready to go in just under 5 minutes.

Custom Subdomain

Your application comes with your own subdomain with an ssl certificate. However you can connect your own domain any time you want.


Signuum uses a Non-Blocking back-end framework which combined with your own dedicated VPS gives you ultimate performance.

Fraud Protection

Bot traffic is bad traffic. Signuum comes with its own fraud protection system that filters out known bots and malicious ip addresses for you.

Use it as a service?

You can integrate Signuum into your application by using our API. This gives you full control over your app.

Unlimited events

Have you ever got charged of overage for clicks and conversions? Well you can forget about that here.


Unlimited events

Don't worry about overage fees no more

Detailed reporting

Create the reports you want in seconds

Performant tracking

Built with modern tools to fit all your needs

Easy to Use

Get started in 10 minutes!

Optimize Your Business With
Signuum Network

Spend less

Save at least 50% of your monthly costs. Signuum Network simply offers the most for at least half the price others are charging you.

Earn more

Configure your campaigns easily and let our automated distribution tools double your Profit.

More free time

Double your time doing the things you love most, with a fully optimized Signuum Network App.

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