Affiliate Quick Start

Last updated: July 18th, 2019

Hello, Offers!

Now that you have an Affiliate account, let’s check what offers are available for you in your network.

Finding a good offer.

Check Your Offers

Click on the "Offers" Tab to view your most recent offers.

Check Offer Stats

Click on the offer card you like, to view its details.


Getting the tracking links.

Great! You found an offer that has some good payouts and conversion rates. Now what?

Copying the tracking link

You can simply click on "copy" for the tracking link you like. One offer can have multiple landing pages, so check which link you are copying! You can add optional parameters that you can use, just click on them, and it will be added to the tracking link.

Place the link in your system

Voila! You have just connected with an offer!

Setting up webhooks. (postbacks)

With postbacks you can tell your outher CRMs that an event happened, so things will be in sync.

Navigate to Postback tab

Click on your profile icon on the upper right corner, then on "Settings". From here, click on the "Postbacks" tab.

Creating postbacks

First you must enable postbacks by turning the switch over. Place your postback links within their containers. A "Registration" and a "Deposit" postback will fire on each event.

Adding optional parameters

You can place your params into your postback link that you will pass from your tracking link.

Event types.

Now that you've connected your offer, you can track its activity. Here are the currently supported event types.


A click event is triggered when a user clicked on your tracking link, and is on the landing page.


Great! The user is interested in your offer, because they signed up.


The user fulfilled their conversion criteria and converted into a deposit.


API events can be registrations and deposits. They fire when events are happening through the api integration. To integrate with your system via api check out the api reference


Oops.. Something went wrong. The tracking has bad configuration somewhere. You need to contact your affiliate manager to resolve this issue.

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