Signuum network is a complete suite of performance marketing tools
for anyone.

Performant Tracking

Fast redirection times, high amount of clicks and conversions. No overage fees.

Customizable Goals

Track costs using different models like CPC, CPM, CPA or Revshare. Set everything correctly to see how much you pay, what’s your profit and ROI.

Statistics API

Manage entities and generate reports using API with JSON.


Get an overview of the most important campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, costs or profits and be able to easily uncover areas that need your attention or improvement.

Extensive Statistics

Access your data right away, no matter how big the volume of your traffic is. Access up to 25 data points about every click and conversion to go as granular as you need.


Optimize your offers with bundles. You can manually optimize your traffic or let the system do it by enabling smart optimization. The system will consider the best offers and landers and optimize your traffic flow in real time for you.

Fraud Detection

Stop wasting money on bot traffic. Detect suspicious clicks, spot unrealistic conversion times, and get undeniable evidence for chargeback procedures against fraudulent publishers.


Invite your partners to collaborate with you in your network. Customize their access to specific features.

Customizable Affiliate Dashboard

Customize how your affiliates will see their dashboards.

Multilingual Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliates can select the language they want to use in their dashboards.

Multiple Regions

Running your network in the region you operate in will reduce latency, resulting in better overall performance.

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