How to boost your e-commerce revenues with affiliate marketing

If you are running an online store, selling products over the internet, there is an easy way to increase your monthly earnings with Affiliate Marketing (also known as Performance Marketing). Start your own Affiliate Program.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products.

Increase your audience exponentionally

The main benefit of adding Performance Marketing to your Shopify- or WooCommerce store, is the ability to reach a much bigger audience.
Affiliate marketeers use all kinds of different marketing strategies besides social media, from organic traffic to email and native marketing. Campaigns can be set up to target a specific audience, for example only apple or android users, and can target each country where your offer is valid. Markets that were too expensive or not interesting enough before can become available and profitable for you.

Save on advertising costs

Another huge benefit of Affiliate Marketing is that it’s a very cheap way of promoting your products, because you are not the one spending money on advertising. The affiliate (the person that promotes your product) pays for his own marketing campaigns.
Only once a sale is done, the seller (= your affiliate) will receive his commission.
The commission can be a fixed amount per sale, it can be a percentage of the sale price.
There are many different rewarding schemes possible, depending on what suits your product best you make that choice.

How does it work

After the integration between your online store and your performance marketing platform, you can create your offer inside your new Affiliate Program. This affiliate program is where the people that want to promote your product(s) will sign up to.

Once you have set up your offer, setting a description, add valid countries and pay outs, you can upload marketing materials to it. This can be a banner, a video or a specific page.
After uploading the marketing materials the system automatically generates a link for the affiliate so he or she can start promoting.

Each affiliate will have his own account in your affiliate program. After signing up with you this will be automatically created for them. Here they can see statistics and follow closely how it is going with their ongoing campaigns and sales.

You as the ‘owner’ of the affiliate program have an Admin Account. This is where you follow all the activities of your affiliates, see how many clicks they generate, how many sales they generate, which marketing tools they are using, and much more. It shows you which sale belongs to which affiliate,
so at the end of each payment period you can exactly see who needs to get paid and how much.


Start your affiliate experience with Signuum, no experience needed!

Very user-friendly, easy to use software with a full time Support Team available to answer all your questions and support you where needed. In literally 15 minutes you set up your own Signuum Affiliate Network.
Experience in affiliate marketing is not a must. Your affiliates have the knowledge, you just provide them the offer and the marketing materials and things start running automatically.

Signuum gives you the opportunity to integrate Affiliate Marketing smoothly into your Shopify store, WooCommerce- or any other store or business to let other people promote your store and sell your products for you.
A simple integration process that ONLY takes 10 minutes to set up.


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